Joining The Providence Art Club

How to Propose and Introduce New Members
The Providence Art Club thrives on and welcomes new faces. If you have a friend interested in joining the Club and taking part in its activities, some easy common-sense thoughts may be a help:

• There are two kinds of proposal forms for new members. One is for Artist (Exhibiting or Arts Professional) members, and one is for Non-Artist members. If the proposed member is nominated as an Artist member, he or she must submit artwork to the Art Qualifications Committee along with nomination papers. The work submitted should follow the guidelines which are attached to the application.

• When you are proposing someone, make sure that you fill out the proper form completely and have the seconder do the same. To obtain an application, a written request must be made to the Membership Committee.

How to Join

Membership in the Providence Art Club is restricted by the Club’s Charter to persons interested in art culture. Prospective members are introduced to the Club as guests at lunch or at social functions. Thereafter they can be nominated for election to membership by recommendations of a sponsor and a second. Proposals for membership are submitted in writing, on forms available to members from the Membership Committee.
There are four categories of membership in the Providence Art Club: Artist Resident and Artist Non-Resident; and Non-Artist Resident and Non-Artist Non-Resident. Non-Residents are those living 50 miles outside Providence for more than six months of the year (persons living outside the 50 mile radius but working in Providence are NOT eligible for Non-Resident status).
Nominations for membership are presented by the Membership Committee at the monthly meetings of the Board of Managers. A motion is entertained to post their names on the Club bulletin board for review by the full membership. If there is no waiting list, the Board votes on the nominations at the next Board meeting.