50-mile radius measurement tool

Inside the circle indicates resident member area.
Outside the circle indicates non-resident area.
(See instructions below)

Addresses that may be near the 50-mile radius

For new members, or members who change their primary residences, simply locate the address in question on the interactive map above. If your address falls within the red circle, you are considered a resident according to the Club’s bylaws, where residency is determined by a 50-mile radius. If your address falls outside the red circle, that signifies non-resident status.

If you believe your residence is close to the red line simply zoom in to that area on the map above to locate your residence and make your determination.

For example, if you live on Wilmington Road in Wilmington, MA, the zoomed in example at left shows that some addresses fall inside the 50-mile radius, and some fall outside.

On a desktop computer click the plus or minus signs in the lower left to  enlarge or reduce the area in question. Recenter by dragging map with your cursor.

On a smart phone or tablet use a  pinching motion to enlarge or reduce the map.

If you need help determining whether an address is inside or outside the 50-mile radius line contact Seb Borges for help at 401 331-1114 x4.

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