New Members with an Interest in Art And Culture are Always Welcome

Founded in 1880, the Providence Art Club has long been a place for artists and patrons of the arts to create, congregate, circulate and display works of art.

Located on historic College Hill, the Art Club is housed in a picturesque procession of historic buildings, home to the clubhouse, studios and galleries. Through its ongoing exhibits, programs, art classes and other activities, the Providence Art Club continues a welcoming tradition of sponsoring and supporting the visual arts.


Denise Bass Photography

How to Become a Member

New members are sponsored by two current Art Club members who have known the applicant for at least two years*. If applying for Exhibiting Artist status, one of the sponsors must be an Exhibiting Artist Member.

Those who do not know two current members, please contact Membership Services ( and request to meet with members of the Membership Committee for coffee or lunch at the Art Club.

Initiation fee and annual dues vary by type of membership and residency status. You are considered a non-resident if you live outside a 50-mile radius of the Club, not to be confused with road map measurement. For clear radius measurement see


The Membership Process

Prospective members are introduced to the Club as guests of a member at lunch or at social functions. Thereafter, they can be nominated for election to membership by recommendations of a sponsor and a seconder who have known the interested party for at least two years. Proposals for membership are submitted in writing, on forms available to members from the Membership Committee.

1. Once two current members have agreed to sponsor a membership (the Proposer and the Seconder), the Proposer will mail or email Membership Services and include the following information about the applicant:

  • Name, address, and occupation
  • Interest in the arts
  • Educational and art background
  • Type of membership being applied for
  • Proposer’s affiliation with applicant

2. Membership Services will forward the petition to the Executive Committee, which meets weekly**, and this committee votes on approval of the request for application.


3. If the request is approved, Membership Services mails an  application form to the Proposer. Outstanding applications have four months to be submitted, unless otherwise arranged. The Proposer then helps the applicant fill out the application. The Proposer also introduces the applicant to a least two members of the Board of Managers.

The application forms vary, depending on the type of membership being sought. Arts Professional Memberships require the submission of a portfolio or other supporting materials such as publications. Exhibiting Artist Memberships require the submission of an art portfolio to the Arts Qualification Committee.

4. Once the application is submitted to Membership Services, a proposal for membership is presented to the Board of Managers, which meets monthly**. The Board votes on acceptance of the proposal for membership. If accepted, the proposed member’s name is posted the next day in the Green Room for four weeks.


5. At the next month’s meeting of the Board of Managers, the Secretary of the Board, present information about each applicant and the Board votes on acceptance of the applicant for membership. If approved, the names of the new members are posted the next day in the Green Room, on our website, and in the newsletter. The Proposer will be notified to pass along the news to the applicant.

* To obtain a list of current members, please contact Membership Services at ** except during the summer

Membership Levels

PATRON MEMBERS enjoy the benefits of the Art Club, with the exception of exhibiting, and are encouraged to take classes and workshops. Some people join the Art Club as a Patron Member and then later apply to transfer their status to Exhibiting Artist Member.

ARTS PROFESSIONAL MEMBERS enjoy the status of being a Professional Member of one of the oldest art clubs in the nation, and must submit materials to support this status to the Arts Qualification Committee. They are encouraged to take classes and workshops, as well as possibly teach at the Club. They may also later apply to transfer their status to Exhibiting Artist Member.

Arts Professional Members include, among others, architects, landscape architects, art educators, museum directors and curators, gallery owners, graphic designers, fashion designers, set designers, and art scholars.

EXHIBITING ARTIST MEMBERS enjoy the additional benefit of being able to exhibit and sell their work in our galleries. To become an Exhibiting Artist Member a portfolio is submitted for jurying by the Arts Qualification Committee. Exhibiting artist members are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in any of the following categories: painting, drawing, collage, mixed media, sculpture, ceramics printmaking, fine art jewelry, photography, and digital art.


There are Six Categories of Membership in the Providence Art Club

Artist Resident • Artist Non-Resident • Arts Professional • Arts Professional Non-Resident
Patron Resident • Patron Non-Resident
(Non-residents are those living 50 miles outside Providence for more than six months of the year.
Persons living outside the 50-mile radius but working in Providence are NOT eligible for non-resident status)

Annual Dues and Initiation Fees*

Monthly Dues Initiation Fee Initiation Fee Quarterly Payment
Artist/Arts Professional $89 $1600 $440 x 4 = $1760
Patron $116.50 $2000 $550 x 4 = $2200
Artist/Arts Professional Non-Resident $44.50 $1600 $440 x 4 = $1760
Patron/Non-Resident $58.25 $2000 $550 x 4 = $2200

*There is a $75 quarterly Café minimum spending requirement and a monthly building assessment fee of $45. NOTE: The initiation fee is waived for artists 35 and under.

If you are not familiar with the Providence Art Club and would like to take a tour, contact Michael Rose at to sign up for a visit.