Providence Art Club’s Exploration and Travel Program

An experiential education program brought to you by the Education Committee

The purpose of the Education Program at Providence Art Club is to cultivate the creation of art through instruction in regular classes and workshops offered to its members. But since when does the learning stop in the classroom? Traveling has long been one of the best ways to spark creativity and inspire artists; the proof is in the paintings! Driven by the goal of expanding the Club's educational mission, this new program feeds the creative soul by blending exploration with education. The PAC Education Committee met with the Board of Managers in November of 2019, and approved the concept of an educational travel program for the Providence Art Club's members and their immediate family. Thus, the PAC Exploration and Travel Program was born!

By expanding the learning experience past our historic walls, this carefully curated program gives artists and art patrons alike the opportunity for greater camaraderie within our beloved Club; creating bonds between members that may not have had the chance to be formed otherwise. Travel to new destinations and get the 'locals only' treatment, as our seasoned tour guides take you to mesmerizing places off the beaten path.

Below are some examples of some potential travel destinations...









United States

Images courtesy of Ron Rosenstock in conjunction with Strabo Tours.

The lead time for planning these trips is nine months to a year, so just because one isn't coming up right now, it doesn't mean there won't be one in the works soon! If you're interested in participating in the next excursion of the Providence Art Club's Exploration and Travel Program, or want to propose an idea yourself, please reach out to one of the following Travel Team members below.

Nickerson Miles

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Anne Carty

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Nancy Springett

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Frances Middendorf

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Travel Logs and Field Notes

Upon the completion of each trip, the leader of the program will submit a detailed travel journal (or field notes) of the activities the group did while exploring new countries and cultures. Each of these journal entries will then be posted here for the rest of the Membership and interested parties to communicate what kinds of activities and experiences you can expect when attending these trips. In our first installment of the program, Ron Rosenstock takes us on a tour through the Emerald Isle; the beautiful coast of Ireland. Read about some of the excursions and happenings from the trip in a short excerpt by Nickerson Miles; co-chair of the Education Committee.

Ireland – May 2022

Art Club ‘Lucks Out’ on Inaugural Trip to Ireland The Providence Art Club was well ahead of the well-publicized, new surge of American travelers flocking to Europe to relieve their pent-up demand to travel again. Our deliberately small group of a dozen visited Ireland’s western coast around Westport for more than a week in early ... Read more
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