Figure Drawing Code of Conduct

Professionalism is expected of all students at all times in their behavior toward figure models.


  • DO NOT invade the model's personal space. This includes sitting on the model stand any time the model is on it, five feet away is a good starting point. Always ask for permission to work in close proximity to the model stand if required for observational detail. Avoid prolonged eye contact with the model.


  • DO NOT touch the model, NO exceptions.


  • DO NOT photograph the model and do not ask the model if you can take a picture. The use of cameras (including cell phone cameras and PDA’s) and photography is NOT permitted in studios using draped or undraped figure models, unless the figure model has granted written permission in advance. Ask your instructor if the model allows photos.


  • DO NOT chat with the model when he/she is modeling. Conversation is distracting for the model and your fellow artists. Students should be ready to work when the figure model takes the pose that has been determined by the instructor. It is impolite to continue talking or to not work while the figure model is on the stand posing.


  • DO NOT make comments about the model's body. Students should refrain from making comments regarding the body type, features or the personality of the figure model that could be interpreted as derogatory or racially condescending.


  • DO NOT address the figure model directly regarding the pose that the instructor has determined. When students suspect that a figure model has not correctly resumed the pose or shifted out of the pose, they should inform the instructor. It is recommended that students first verify that it is not their perspective of the pose that has changed such as a shift in their view of the figure model. If the instructor asks for feedback from students about correction of a pose, students should address the figure model in a professional manner.


  • DO NOT ask the model personal questions such as their last name, where they live, etc. and do not ask them out on a date.


  • DO NOT allow non-artists to wander through the room. Unauthorized visitors are not permitted in studios when an undraped figure model is posing.


  • DO discuss concerns related to the figure modeling session with the Instructor privately. Such concerns might include the figure model’s inability to hold a pose, excessive breaks taken by the figure model, or students being rude or not working while the figure model is posing.


  • DO make sure the model is warm and as comfortable as possible.


  • DO maintain friendly and polite interactions with figure models while on break. Figure models may want to look at student work to assist them in their posing.


  • DO thank your model profusely for participating in the art making process.