Class Orientation & Guidelines

The education committee organizes weekly art classes from September to June in pastels, oil, watercolor, charcoal, and printmaking. Classes are billed through your Club account. A notice of these classes is sent via email and posted on our website. These classes held in the Art Club studios are available to all members of the Providence Art Club at a modest fee and are utilized by professional artists and novices alike. The minimum number of students for any class to run is 8. The Education Committee will be changing out, varying classes, and instructors on the schedule from quarter to quarter to best meet the needs of the members.


Class Guidelines

1) All work must be original. No copies, direct or partial, will be allowed in exhibitions. In consideration of the copyright infringement laws, please use only those photographs that you or another student personally have taken as reference for work to be created. In addition, work produced from an instructor’s demonstration, or otherwise under direct instruction, will not be eligible for exhibition with the exception of the annual student exhibit. If after being installed, work is found to be not eligible, it will be removed. If you have any concerns regarding eligibility, please discuss with the Gallery Manager. Common sense should prevail. Using one’s own photos for reference avoids copyright issues and usually results in more original and personal work.

2) Reference photographs (with model and instructor consent) may be taken of a model in costume and also during a portrait painting/drawing class only. Photographing the model during a life drawing/painting class is not permissible. Work created from published photographs may not be submitted for exhibition.

3) In consideration of everyone - please be mindful of the time that your class begins. If you must miss more than one class, please notify your instructor. Please be mindful of classes that have a size limit and probable waiting list when signing up if you know in advance that you are going to miss more than 2 classes. Please consider taking the class at a later date.

4) Due to the full schedule of classes, it is important that all items including artwork and personal belongings be removed in a timely fashion prior to the next class beginning. It can be very disruptive to the next class and instructor for those not in the class to come back into the studio.

5) At the end of a class, please survey the surrounding area and make sure you take home any toxic trash materials and place other trash into the appropriate receptacle. The Providence Art Club will not be held responsible for items left behind.

6) Toxins and Pigment/Solvent Trash: only gamasol and other non- toxic mediums/solvents may be used in the classroom.

Vegetable or baby oil are good for cleanup--- NO TURPS PLEASE. Refer to posted information in the studio regarding solvents. Under no circumstances are any solvents to be poured down the studio sink or brushes with oil paint or oil printmaking inks to be cleaned in the sink. Students must take home and dispose of any materials used in cleanup that contain toxic pigments or solvents of any type. The club does not have a system in place to dispose of toxic art materials. Many pigments even certain watercolor colors are made from hazardous ingredients… please be mindful of the proper safe handling of any potential hazardous material. Bring small plastic bags for collection of your toxic trash as you work and take home for disposal.

7) Under no circumstances are members or their guests to criticize, reprimand, or chastise Club employees either in public or privately. Any suggestions, observations, or criticisms concerning Club personnel should be brought to the attention of the General Manager.

8) If you have a problem, criticisms, or observation about any class or instructor, please contact one of the co-chairs of the Education Committee so any concerns can be addressed through the proper channels.

9) Cancellation policy: (Weather, etc) Call the Club’s answering machine to see if a cancellation message has been posted. An email will be sent to all members if the Club is closed due to inclement weather.

If you have any questions about these guidelines, please contact the co-chairs of the Education Committee – Scott Simmons or Nickerson Miles. Thank you.