President's Message

President’s Message - Annual Meeting 2020

Welcome to the 139th Annual Meeting of the Providence Art Club. I am certain there have been many challenging times spanning the history of our 140 years, however, the COVID -19 pandemic continues to be proven as both unprecedented and catastrophic, one that we will not soon forget. Despite the current climate, our 140 years will be memorable, simply because life as we know it has changed with social distancing and navigating ways to find our new normal. These explorations in new “territory” is a shared experience, reminding us we are all truly in this together. We are making history tonight with our first virtual Annual Meeting. Thank you all for your patience as we continue to move forward in uncharted waters.
RESILIENCE is the word that comes to mind as I think back on the past several months. You — our members, our staff, GM, and Board of Managers have stood steadfast together in support of PAC and each other. Innovative and creative ways to engage and connect with members have been a major focus as we patiently wait for the time when we may freely gather and resume a schedule of events and classes that we are so accustomed to.
This evening we’ll hear reports from several of our committee chairs, get an update on our Club’s finances, hear from our General Manager, welcome new members, remember those who have passed on, recognize new life members, honor two Art Club Medal recipients, receive the report from our nominating committee, and elect a new president.
I would like to give a big thank you to Bruce Tillinghast for agreeing to oversee this year’s meeting. None could anticipate how challenging it would become as we were all, “sheltering-in.” Bruce has made sure that all of the details have been properly managed in order to bring you the best experience possible given the times. The material prepared for you this evening includes a comprehensive collection of committee reports. All reports may be viewed on the PAC website for you to review at your leisure. A tremendous amount of work has gone into writing these reports as well as creating a page on the site for you to access. Thank you, Angel Dean and Kathy Hodge DeVault for juggling so many balls at one time in compiling the reports and bringing your creative touch throughout the report. It has been an enormous effort.
These reports provide important insight into the past year and the accomplishments, activities, and events that make our Club so special. Through the extraordinary dedication of our valued committee volunteers, great strides have been made. While time does not permit all committee chairs to give their reports, I have asked some of them to provide highlights of their committee’s activities over the past twelve months.
In closing, I am delighted to be here in celebration of you, the members. It has been a bit of a whirlwind year and it has been my pleasure to work with your dedicated Board of Managers in service to you and the Providence Art Club.

Warmest Regards,

Nancy Gaucher-Thomas
47th President of the Providence Art Club


The Club's History

In 1880 a group of professional artists, amateurs, and art collectors founded the Providence Art Club to stimulate the appreciation of art in the community.

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The Providence Art Club thrives on and welcomes new members. Membership in the Providence Art Club in restricted, by the Charter, to persons interested in art and culture.

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