The Story Behind The Name

By Soren Sorensen, Winter 2011

In this 2011 Winter Issue of Tribe Magazine, Soren Sorensen delves into legacies left by important figures throughout history, and how those accomplishments are honored today. If you take a stroll through your city, and pay close attention, you'll see plaques and other commemorative structures around every corner. This is even more common in universities; both urban and rural. Some you may recognize, some you may not; but all of those historical figures have made a name for themselves deserving of recognition and honor in some way.

Specifically, Sorensen speaks about Rhode Island College's own E.M. Bannister Art Gallery, located in Roberts Hall on the RIC Campus. She goes into great detail about the history and honor of the namesake of Edward M. Bannister, and how the great painter helped shape Rhode Island history.

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