Eat, Drink and be Artful

Celebrating 140 Years of Food and Drink at the Providence Art Club

The Providence Art Club 140th Anniversary Commemorative Cookbook

The Providence Art Club, as our motto states, was founded for “Art and Culture.” Our devotion to art is quite obvious.  However, an important aspect of our culture is food and drink. Or, perhaps, as it may have been during the fledgling years, drink and food.

The Providence Art Club 140th Anniversary Commemorative CookbookTo commemorate our Club’s rich 140 year history this 36-page, glossy cookbook has been developed by the Membership Committee, with major contributions from key staff and members. The cookbook gives us a glimpse into 140 years of food and drink at our Club, aided by period documents, photos and paintings, along with the memories of some of our members reaching back nearly 65 years. It features over 2 dozen of our members’ and chefs’ favorite recipes — entreés, desserts, cocktails, and more, with photos and cooking tips from our current topflight kitchen.

"We publish this book during the 140th anniversary year of the Providence Art Club. Ironically, inspired by the pandemic that instead of threatening the Club, cemented the resolve of members, proving that our commitment to this institution is not solely to the physical campus or the activities that got interrupted, but more the spirited camaraderie that binds the members of our unique community together."

— Nancy Gaucher-Thomas
President,  Providence Art Club

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