The Joan Boghossian Birthday Gift Challenge


Joan Boghossian, who sadly passed away in September of 2021, was a much-lauded watercolorist and printmaker and the unofficial “Grande Dame” of the Providence Art Club, where, for many years, she kept a studio, taught, and supported up-and-coming artists. Joan set an example of giving a gift to the Club on her birthday and encouraged members to do the same. Contributions to The Joan Boghossian Birthday Challenge go to the endowment to support the future health of the Club.

No gift is too small! Honor Joan and give to PAC in celebration of your birthday and our beloved Club. During the month of your birthday just send a check, ask that your bill reflect your gift, or click the button below to donate by credit card. We thank all our birthday gift donors quarterly with a mention in the PAC newsletter.

The Board of Managers has voted to direct all birthday gifts be added to the club’s endowment.

Carol FitzSimonds has endorsed Joan’s challenge and offered these inspiring thoughts:

Giving gifts to others on your “birth” day is a tradition in my family. I remember my grandfather Strause giving gifts on his birthday and treating all our huge family to a big feast out, his way of saying  "I’m thankful to be here safe and prosperous among people I love.

I hope more members will think to donate as a way to celebrate special occasions. The Club is such a unique special place with mostly amazing people. Being someone fortunate enough to be a member - it's definitely an institution to cherish and our responsibility to support it.

So far, our birthday members have generously donated
to our birthday challenge

The Providence Art Club is a 501(C)3 non profit corporation. It is suggested that you discuss with your financial advisor the relative tax advantages of bequests, gifts of cash, securities, etc. for the present and ultimate benefit of the PAC.