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“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow” - Anita Desai

When my mind is left to wander, it often goes unbidden into landscapes and architectures of my memories. What I am looking for is a mystery, but I return again and again, like the worrying of prayer beads, bead by bead, through the places of my past.

My paintings are atmospheric, one can almost feel the humidity separating us from the ridge of palms trees, or feel the vast space between where we stand on the statehouse lawn the the looming height of the building’s pearly dome.

Using the principles of color theory and reducing form to simple shifts in value and tone, I sought to capture the thick atmosphere and mysterious natural wonder I felt there. My goal with these paintings was to capture and share something of my remembered experience with the viewer.

Contemporary Painter
Taiwanese Trek, 8/2017, Oil on Canvas, 42”x60”
Alishan 1.0 , 4/2017, Oil on Canvas, 12”x16”
Alishan 2.0, 4/2017, Oil on Canvas, 12”x16”
Alishan 5.1,6/2017, Oil on Canvas,12”x24”
Alishan 3.5, 5/2017, Oil on Canvas, 14”x11”
Progress Photo - Alishan 8, Oil on Canvas,18”x36”
Observing the Bath, 11/2013, Oil on Canvas on Board, 10”x8”
Divided Seascape, 7/2016, Oil on Canvas, 12”x24”
Blue Nude, 11/2016, Oil on Canvas