Explore Our National Open Juried Exhibition Online!

We are excited to share more details of our National Open Juried Exhibition, which we hope you’ll explore online throughout the month of May. Although we cannot mount this show in our galleries due to social distancing, we plan to continue to promote the work of the many talented artists from across the nation who are included!

Below, you can find links to the Facebook album with all the accepted works, as well as a link to our Issuu catalog which includes biographies for each artist. Be sure to join the Art Club on Facebook and Instagram, where we will regularly be sharing work from this show in May.

We will also announce 14 prizewinning works totaling $6,000 in cash awards on Sunday, May 10 on Facebook! In the meantime, all of us at the Art Club continue to wish you the best of health.

If you have questions about this exhibition, please feel free to reach out to Gallery Manager Michael Rose at michael@providenceartclub.org.

Explore the Show on Facebook

Our Facebook Album features all the accepted works. Please explore them and consider passing the album along to your friends and connections. Unlike our physical galleries, these artworks are available 24/7 online!

Explore the Catalogue on Issuu

A full and interactive catalog for the show is available on Issuu. This includes biographies for participating artists as well as photos of each work. Explore this to learn more about the diverse backgrounds of the artists represented.

Accepted Artists

Please note that names followed by an asterisk * are Art Club Members and names followed by a plus sign + represent artists who had two works accepted.

Gary Aagaard
Oluwatobi Adewumi+
Bob Aldrich
Bliss Auburn
Peter Baczek
Lisa Bailey
Steffani Bailey+
Wren Barger
Brenda Bechtel
Zea Beckwith+
Anne Beinecke
Pamela Berkeley
Allison Bianco+
Howard Branscomb
Winifred Breines
Pratisha Budhiraja
Sally Caswell
Kate Childs
Cathy Chin
Karen Clark
Linzi Clary
Marieken Cochius+
Michael Collins
Matthew Conti
Shirlee Cunningham
Alison Dale*
Susan Dando*
Malcolm Davis
Caroline Dranow+
Gretchen Dugan
Kara Dunne+
Natalie Featherston
Lisa French
Kristie Gardiner*
Ellen Gaube
Ashu Gera
Karin Gielen
Theresa Girard*
Barry Goldstein
Carl Grauer
Sam Green*
Nelson Hammer
Lois Harada+
Sherie Harkins*
Catherine Hess
Sam Heydt
Rosemary Hoffenberg
William Horvath
Amanda Hovey
Sarah J. Hull
Katie Hutchison
Wendy Ingram*
Bonnie Jaffe*
Erin Karp
Avery Kelly
Dana Killion+
Elliot Krieger
Louise Laplante+
Bob Lavoie*
Catherine Lebovitz
J. (Jie) Li+
Lawrence Mannato
Catherine McKinnon*
Lori Mehta
Dora Atwater Millikin*
Audrey Monahan*
Zizelda Moreira+
Hannah Nahas
Thu Nguyen
Noah Olsen
Stone Peng+
Laura Radwell
Maira Reinbergs
Ellen Rolli
Kristine Schneider
Kevin Sloan+
Alan Strassman
Kristin Street
Terry Van Heusen*
Cindy Wilson*
Carol Wontkowski
Lauren Yandell
Harold Zabady+

Thank you to all the artists who submitted over 750 pieces for consideration. It certainly was a competitive call and we are grateful for the continued enthusiasm surrounding this important National Exhibition.

Questions? Please feel free to contact Art Club Gallery Manager Michael Rose via email at michael@providenceartclub.org. Although we are currently on a brief hiatus, he will be checking his email regularly and is very happy to talk more about the Club’s artists or work with you to add artworks to your collection!

Thank you for continuing to follow and support the Art Club.

  • Saturday, May 9, 2020 - Friday, July 31, 2020
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm