Remembering Providence Art Club Member Angela O’Leary

Providence Art Club Medal recipients Frederick Mattis and Catherine Bert talk about early Art Club Member Angela O’Leary’s life and work, and her tragic suicide in her Fleur de Lys studio in 1921.

Frederick (Ted) Mattis is a PAC Life Member. Catherine (Cathy) Bert is the owner of the Bert Gallery in Providence, RI.

Interview questions by Christopher Ratcliffe
Videography and editing Kathy Hodge DeVault
Research by Nancy Cassidy, Ted Mattis, and Catherine Bert

Angela O’Leary’s artwork on loan from the following collectors:
Nancy Cassidy
Pamela Aldrich Church
Frederick Mattis
Daniel Mechnig
Frances Middendorf
Audrey and Tom Monahan
Al Morris
Christopher Ratcliffe
Charles and Joy Wharton