DAVID DeMELIM from NetWorks Rhode Island on Vimeo.

David DeMelim is a Rhode Island based Photographer exploring the expressive possibilities of
photography and digital printmaking.
He bought a collection of old cameras at about the same time he discovered an abandoned Letterpress shop in the basement of his High School. These two seemingly unconnected events began a lifelong parallel exploration of Printmaking and Photography.
Techniques learned in printmaking and the darkroom are assimilated and repurposed through a computer to create a new type of photographic image. Recognizing that the random color presented to the lens can be altered, enhanced or replaced, DeMelim gained control over the expressive possibilities of color photography.
With the arrival of truly archival computer output he now runs his own Studio, allowing total control over the work. DeMelim says, “Mastering the technology for the whole process from capture to archival printmaking, I have brought a handmade sensibility back to this technology-laden process. I am not using the technology to make reproductions of existing works of art, but to create new and original works of art.”