The Providence Art Club Celebrates 140 years!


The 1880s was a decade that occurred at the core period of the Second Industrial Revolution. The modern city, as well as the sky-scraper, rose to prominence in this decade, contributing to the economic prosperity of the time. The 1880s were also part of the Gilded Age in the United States, which lasted from 1874 to 1907. And so too it happened that a group of professional artists, amateurs, and art collectors founded the Providence Art Club one February night in 1880.


We celebrate 140 years and the momentous occasion when 16 men and women gathered to draw up their charter and inscribed the phrase “for art culture” on their seal. We have many events planned that celebrate the Providence Art Club, the first being Founders Night, and the illustrious men and woman who had a grand vision for a place where artists and patrons would gather to show their work, be inspired and learn their craft.


Through exhibitions, classes, and workshops, as well as social programs and the stewardship of our four historic buildings, we continue our mission.


While the original artistic goal of the organization was to host one show a year, we now mount three new exhibitions every three weeks. Our three galleries are always free and open to the public. All are welcome!


Please navigate our website for special events and activities that are available to the public during this celebratory year.